Jonathan Sager

“No one drank from the fountain, except me.”

Posted in water by J Sager on August 15, 2009

FountainLos Angeles in its ever persistent quest to be the worst at something gets another award today in the New York Times. The editors sent illustrators to visit local parks and squares and asked them to sample the water and describe the scene.

Jon Han visited Westwood Park and had a few terse words to say about his experience:

“Fountain: The water was lukewarm, with a sour mineral taste.
Fountain Goers: No one drank from the fountain, except me.”

For a little perspective we visit Portland, where Patrick Long has these words to describe the fountains:

“At all the fountains in Portland, the water is good; you stop, you leave feeling better. The fountains are abundant symbols of the city. Like rain in the Northwest.”

He then, like all the other entries, provides a lengthy description of the fountain goers. I personally can’t think of a single public water fountain in Los Angeles, let alone a scene around one…

I feel this is a challenge to all Angelenos. I’d like to find a couple good water fountains in Los Angeles. If you know of any post them in the comments.