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Posted in Events by J Sager on October 25, 2010

Just got back from NYC where I produced all the content for RE:FORM SCHOOL. The result was nearly a 1TB of photo and video documentation, around 75 artist interviews for the website, 25 finished videos and a bunch of blog posts showing the progress and the event itself. I also produced our twtiter and facebook accounts. We picked up 900 twitter followers in 3 weeks and over 2,000 facebook fans.

“RE:FORM SCHOOL is a high profile group art exhibition, event series and public awareness campaign taking place in New York City, that brings together the creative community in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System.”

The event had over 10,000 attendees and took place in recently closed St. Patricks Old Cathedral School. We transformed all 4 floors of the 1820’s school in to a gallery and exhibition space that housed over 150 works of art by artists such as Swoon, Ron English, Chris Johanson, Elbow-toe, Specter, WK-Interact, Maya Hayuk and many others.


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Posted in Photo by J Sager on October 25, 2010

Not updating this blog too often- for recent travels and photography visit:

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UniqueLA Website

Posted in Events, illustration, websites by J Sager on April 27, 2010

Roughly 3 weeks before the spring UniqueLA I had to create a new website in just a few days… Here is what the finished site looked like:


Posted in Events, illustration by J Sager on January 27, 2010

While Sonja and Shawna are hard at work putting together the LA Street Food Festival I am behind the scenes coordinating and occasionally designing flyers or promo materials. Here I had a chance to design a sticker (also featured on one of our posters):

What will you do in 2010?

Posted in Eco, Events by J Sager on January 22, 2010

Come join us this weekend for the 1st ever City-Labs LA.
I’ve spent the last few weeks updating the website as well as doing the general coordination for the event. Now it’s time for the public to come join us at the CMC this saturday January 23rd. We are so happy with the way this event has shaped up.

UniqueLA Posters

Posted in Events, illustration by J Sager on December 17, 2009

Need to go and grab some photos of these on the street… For now here’s the digital version one of the screen printed posters i designed for Unique LA as Media Producer for the event.

Old Robots: Fanuc Robotics

Posted in Robots by J Sager on November 21, 2009

Mid 1990’s Fanuc Robots sold by Reliable Tools in 2006:

Every once and a while you come across some great photos on ebay. Being that I am always looking for surplus industrial parts I happen to see a lot of robot listings. The originality of these robots becomes apparent when you realize that typical robots manufactured by Fanuc are entirely yellow. These somehow ended up with specialty paint jobs. Also, most robots that end up on the used market have their specialty grippers at the end of the arm removed.

“No one drank from the fountain, except me.”

Posted in water by J Sager on August 15, 2009

FountainLos Angeles in its ever persistent quest to be the worst at something gets another award today in the New York Times. The editors sent illustrators to visit local parks and squares and asked them to sample the water and describe the scene.

Jon Han visited Westwood Park and had a few terse words to say about his experience:

“Fountain: The water was lukewarm, with a sour mineral taste.
Fountain Goers: No one drank from the fountain, except me.”

For a little perspective we visit Portland, where Patrick Long has these words to describe the fountains:

“At all the fountains in Portland, the water is good; you stop, you leave feeling better. The fountains are abundant symbols of the city. Like rain in the Northwest.”

He then, like all the other entries, provides a lengthy description of the fountain goers. I personally can’t think of a single public water fountain in Los Angeles, let alone a scene around one…

I feel this is a challenge to all Angelenos. I’d like to find a couple good water fountains in Los Angeles. If you know of any post them in the comments.

Ages of Sand site is live!

Posted in Film by J Sager on August 10, 2009

Ages of Sand - Sleeping

Ages of Sand is a short film that blends the worlds of animation and live-action to tell the tale of a young girl learning the value of water in a polluted world. After a long delay the site is finally up: This film has been my baby for way too long and is finally nearing a completed state.

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